Unlocking Your Sixth Sense


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There Are No Limits

'At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.'
Alan Alda

Christopher Luke - Author, Teacher & Counsellor

Christopher is an experienced Life coach and mentor, living in Thailand, and Nottingham, England, but connected with people all over the world 

For the majority of his working life, he has operated in the commercial world in a variety of roles either as a senior manager within the corporate world, advising international law firms in the USA, Europe and Asia or as a trainer and coach.


He has written a book about the spiritual journey that has brought him to the current time - Love, Life & Destiny - which you can download from Amazon = details of which are on the News page.


Now he teaches a range of Life skills that are all based in understanding your intuitive behaviour and thought, through a series of classes which are either held at a location or on-line. 

You can find details of these classes on this website and make any bookings. The use of technology is key to connecting with people who have questions to ask about their Life and their purpose and who are seeking answers.

Intuition and the use of your intuitive power is a key part of that process. With illustrations from his own Life, the classes that Christopher teaches will empower you to take control of your Life and fulfill your potential.

Serendipity will have brought you to this website and a connection will have been made. The site is in constant change as more material and content is added.

The classes will expand and grow too so keep in touch by subscribing in the box.

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